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Tohtonku began with a dream to make every man and woman look good and feel confident about whom they are. Hence, our products are ever changing to meet every customer demand. For more information, visit our Brands section.

Nutox believes that ‘Youth does not correspond to Age’. Age is just a number.

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Simply put, it’s a beckoning gesture like, “Follow Me if you will.”
Where there is Love, there is always FOLLOW ME.

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Welcome to Tohtonku Malaysia

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Ubermen, a brand synonym with the fashion conscious male was first introduced in 2008 with Skincare and fragrance range. Throughout the years, the brand extended into Body Care and Hair Styling.



Introducing Nanowhite and Nanowhite Fresh, our comprehensive whitening skincare range that has a remarkable technology called ‘nano skin-happy’ with ‘happy’ endorphins. 



A’laisyah is the answer to every woman's daily skincare needs.



Sencè is a total bodycare and scent range designed for the youths of today.