Our Values

Let there be LITES – Tohtonku’s corporate values in a nutshell

Tohtonku believes that a successful corporate entity should be a beacon for everyone to look up to. Hence, the word LITES, which ties in closely with Tohtonku’s mission, is a well-thought out acronym to signify our dedication towards making a positive difference in the industry and in peoples’ lives.


L represents Learning. Tohtonku understands that the process of learning never ends and knowledge is never wasted. We ensure that each member of our workforce is aware of the importance of learning and inculcate the desire to learn within members of our team. The passion to learn translates into the ability for our staff to grow, to excel and to have the ability to overcome setbacks. As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”


Iis a reflection of our vision ie, Innovation. Innovation has been the key to Tohtonku’s ability to stay relevant in a changing business environment. Learning from our mistakes and also of others, we have continued to innovate to stay ahead of the playing field. Our innovation stems from our ability to learn and to apply those lessons within our framework. This then enables us to affect change proactively. As the famous Bruce Lee once said, “Knowledge is not enough, we must apply (put into action).”


Tstands for Teamwork. This letter is arguably one of the most important aspects of our corporate mission. Without teamwork, a corporation cannot hope to succeed. Hence, Tohtonku strives to build a cohesive team in which its strength is much more than the sum of its parts. Time and again, history has shown what a united workforce, coupled with a clear direction, can do to bring a corporation to great achievements.


Ereflects for Excellence. The people at Tohtonku know there is no accomplishment in doing a job haphazardly and this is why we nurture the discipline of excellence in our workforce. This persistent dedication to excellence, constantly makes us ask ourselves questions such as, “How can things be done better?” and “How can I contribute more?” It goes without saying that Tohtonku takes great pride in setting high standard excellence in the consumer goods industry.


S represents our willingness to Serve. The word has many aspects of Tohtonku’s corporate practice. For consumers, it is the quality of service and our products. To the community, the word ‘serve’ refers to our corporate social responsibility principle of giving back. Finally, each member of the Tohtonku workforce serves the company through excellence in action and in knowledge.



The combination of LITES in each Tohtonku staff guarantees that we, as a team, do not sit on our laurels. We aim to make things happen. We aim to make a difference in the world and bring out the best in everybody and at the end of the day, we aim to improve lives.