Our Vision and Mission


Tohtonku’s vision has been the backbone of all our corporate decisions and continue to be our guiding principles as we continue to make our presence felt in the 21st century. Our aim is to be the most progressive personal care company in Malaysia and the world. Though lofty, a vision should never be easy to achieve as it is meant to be the apex everyone strives to achieve.    

Additionally, we aim to generate sustainable business growth through exceptional innovation and exemplary leadership. This is attained by constantly assimilating new ideas into the fabric of our corporation and changing them into functional, effective examples. Our management believes in leadership by example- a trend which has served us well as only those worthy of emulating are placed in a situation of power.



Tohtonku’s mission is to cultivate the LITES principles amongst our workforce in order to be able to effect a difference in the industry, peoples’ lives and the community. LITES is an acronym for five important keywords – Learning, Innovation, Teamwork, Excellence and Service.

These five attributes are interconnected, forming a positive loop in which our corporate values are based upon. Through lifelong learning we acquire the skills to innovate. Through synergistic teamwork, we achieve excellence. All of them add up to empower our workforce to serve the company and our customers better. 


Tohtonku began with a dream to make every man and woman look good and feel confident about who they are. Hence, our products are ever changing to meet every consumer demand.

Now, Tohtonku is setting its sights on a new dream -To conquer the Southeast Asian market and emerge as the region’s most popular shoppers’ choice in the coming years.

We know that people are at the centre of Tohtonku’s business and that people are the key to the company achieving its dream. By focusing on the needs of the customers and playing on the strengths of the management team and its workforce, Tohtonku aims to be at the forefront of product development with a range of great products in the pipeline for the marketplace in years to come