Our Vision and Mission


Tohtonku’s ambition is to be the most progressive personal care company in South East Asia and to build our heritage as a leading player with a strong stable of beauty and personal care products.

We aim to achieve our potential by adopting an entrepreneurial approach to running our business with fluidity & flexibility to decide and respond effectively to a fast changing environment supported by a dynamic organisation structure and robust business operations.

We have an in-depth understanding of what our consumers and markets want and we focus on making innovation a core driver across all our functions.

We believe people are the essence of our business. So we recruit and nurture talent within our LIGHT culture (which is learning focussed, innovation driven, pursues greatness, and the belief in serving and collaborating as a team), while encouraging respectful open dialogue and promoting personal growth.

With these building blocks, we ensure we continue to grow and evolve in a constructive way, to create a sustainable business for the future which delivers value to our stakeholders.


To give everyone access to looking good and feeling great so every person can truly become their “best self”.

We are consciously shifting from a traditional hierarchical business culture to adopt a more entrepreneurial way of working to stay competitive in a fast changing landscape. 
This coupled with a in-depth understanding of our consumers & marketplace while focusing on innovation as a core driver will be the building blocks our success
We can only be our best, if we work & think in a progressive way.

We develop and distribute a diverse portfolio of beauty & personal care brands at entry level and in the mid range & premium segments that offer value, efficacy and quality.
We believe that everyone should be able to look and feel their best.

We nurture and invest in our employees to help them improve & hone their skills so they can better equip themselves in their careers while also guiding them in their personal growth. 
We believe a holistic approach develops the best people.

We are committed to giving unprivileged individuals & communities access to opportunities, tools & resources so they can create the best life for themselves & their loved ones
Self empowerment is the key to being your best self.

Our ‘LIGHT’ Corporate Culture
Tohtonku practises the ‘LIGHT’ entrepreneurial approach to the work place where the heads of division are empowered to make decisions and act and think like business owners.  This gives the group the flexibility and agility to stay ahead in the fast moving and changing environment


Our values govern our behavior and we believe in

  • Integrity which needs to cut across everything we say and do
  • Passion in transforming the way we learn, how we change/improve and how we excel/shift from good to great
  • Perseverance serves us well in the learning process and give us the discipline and drive to innovate, change and shift gear to be better
  • Humility is the motivation for us to learn, which guides us in how we lead, work and treat others
  • Respect encourages collaboration and trust