Koolfever baby

  • Koolfever baby
  • Koolfever baby
  • Koolfever baby
  • Koolfever baby

Koolfever baby

Available in 2 Pieces, 4 Pieces and 12 Pieces.

Gentle Cooling Sensation that Comfort Baby for Whole Night

Product Features

  • Ready to use when baby has sudden fever. Chill the cooling gel sheets into refrigerator for a better cooling sensation.
  • Adhesive cooling gel sheet that well fits onto baby’s forehead stays well in place even when baby turns in bed.
  • Contains with no fragrance and no colouring, thus gentle on baby’s skin.
  • Gentle cooling sensation able to last for 4 hours.

Fever, high body temperature

Direction of Application

  • Convenient to use by removing transparent film and tightly affix the gel-cooling surface to forehead or desired body part
  • Apply KOOLFEVER COOLING GEL SHEETS for only once for efficacy and hygiene purpose
  • The moisture contained in the gel absorbs and releases heat so that specified cooling effects are obtained (gel is water-soluble polymer based)

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