Sawaday Mosbye - Lemongrass

  • Sawaday Mosbye - Lemongrass

Sawaday Mosbye - Lemongrass

Available in 275ml.

Mosquitoe repellent air freshener with Pleasant Herbal Fragrance

Product Features

  • Formulated with herbal fragrance to repel mosquitoes.
  • Does not contain DEETS. It is safe to be used even for children. 
  • Works as a deodorizing air freshener with a pleasant herbal fragrance.
  • Easy to use. Just place Sawaday Mosbye at anywhere in your home. 

Repels mosquitoes with natural ingredients and provides long lasting aromatic scent & freshen the air for Living Room, Entrance and Bedroom.

Direction of Application

  • Tear off the upper part of wrapping film along the strip.
  • Open the top cover.
  • Turn to open the inner cap along the arrow direction. Discard the inner cap.
  • Insert the filter paper into the liquid and push down the filter paper cap firmly.
  • Return the outer cover firmly.

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